1. How to Book More Paid Gigs as a Freelance Model

I’ve been extremely blessed to have the freedom to travel the world working with amazing photographers over the last 10 years including countries like Austria, Australia (my favouritest place in the world), to Italy and Poland.  Booking gigs while I travel has always been a cool experience for me! Who doesn’t want to make a buck while before sipping on some pina coladas? Download this 6-Step guideline to booking more work as you travel or stay local.

For $6.99

Learn how to:

  • Set up your Model Mayhem account

  • Interact with the MM Community to get clear on which images in your portfolio best reflect you

  • Find the right Photographers in your area and places you want to visit that will want to book you

  • Send the perfect message to Photographers that will get you a reply

  • Figure out your limits (what you are not willing to do before starting)

  • Get tips from models currently in the industry

  • Get the 411 on proper etiquette, model releases


2. Launching “Your Next Big Thing” Project (Coming Soon)

How many times have you had this amazing idea out of what started off as a hobby or for fun and wanted to expand on it and didn’t?  What stopped you? I know for me it was not knowing where to start. As a creative person I am constantly playing around with new exciting ventures that never leave the pages of my diary because of fears that making it a reality is too hard or unattainable.  This workbook is perfect for helping you get that project off the ground. Stop waiting and start doing. You will never know what possible if you don’t try!

For $9.99 Learn how to:

  • Understand your target audience

  • Make a business plan

  • Set your launch date & shorter deadlines

  • Website Hosting / Domains

  • Outsource Your Weakness & Focus On Your Strengths

  • Decide on which Social Media Platform is Best for You?

  • Trust The Process

  • Test your product/service on your best critic

  • Build Your Mailing List

  • Celebrate The Little Milestones

  • Confront Your Biggest Fears

  • Be Open To Change

  • Put a figure on Your Baby


3. More Love, More You Transformation 5-Day Challenge

Join my Free 5-Day Challenge and get back to the basics -- You!  Watch as a shift in the next 5 days, gives you guidance and clarity on how to move forward and live your best life!  Each day you’ll complete a practise that only takes about 10 minutes of your time. Designed to help you refocus on you.  If you’ve been feeling stuck or needing a change in your life this is for you!

Check out other women who have taken the challenge and made shifts in their lives! Join us on Facebook and Instagram. #morelovemoreyou


4. Private Coaching Program

One on One Coaching is for women like you who are ready to take back their lives!

Who are tired of feeling stuck in life, not knowing what to do next, or how to get it done.

Your thoughts about your life not being where you want it to be are totally normal and changeable with the right attitude and motivation!  Self sabotage is something we’ve been condition to do as women from a very early age. Showing ourselves love and putting us first is not what we focus on because we’ve been taught to put everyone else first.  

It’s time to Embrace Your Body Back. Stop waiting on things to be perfect and take back your life!  You are meant to do so much more, you are meant to share your magic with the world.

That’s where I fit in.

If you are ready to:

  • Break out of your comfort zone

  • Be more motivated than you ever have in the past

  • Make a shift in your life to help you realise what you are truly meant to do

  • Create a clear plan for what you want out of life

  • Drop all negative thoughts that are holding you back

Then my Private one on one coaching is right for you! I am here to help you transition into the best version of yourself, hold you accountable for the change you want to see and feel and give you a little nudge when you feel like you’re falling off the tracks.

What does one on one coaching look like anyway?

I have 2 programs in place to help you reach your goals! Dive into a 6 week or 10 week program specially curated for your needs based on our FREE discovery call.

Discovery Call

We’ll start with identifying what your needs are and why you are ready for change.  Both programs will be explained in detail and we’ll decide if we are a good fit for each other.  

6/10 Private Sessions

We’ll get on a call every week to dig into your past, present and future. Mainly focusing on the stories you’ve told yourself (that aren’t your truth) and how to refocus on becoming the best version of yourself. You’ll get custom coaching, action steps and tools, and virtual fist pumps and cheerleading from yours truly!

Tools, Action Plans & Challenges

This is where the work really begins! This is where you are pushed out of your comfort-zone to maximize your shift and change in life. I promise the work you put in here will positively affect everything you do moving forward.  You will be given exercises specifically catered to helping you overcome every obstacle that has stopped you from getting what you want in life.

Unlimited Email Support

I am here for you every step of the way! Outside of our weekly one hour calls you can email me anytime you like! I will support you when you are feeling stuck, have questions about a project or goal you are pushing and just anything blocking or pressing.

Your Investment

6 week program: $500 or three payments of $175

10 week program: $750 or three payments of $275