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Buttons (pack of 4) $5

Movement Buttons are making waves! Handmade in New York, collect them all!


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PMS Hot Pack $21

Got Cramps? -- Heat up in the microwave for 1.5-2 minutes, stays hot for approximately one hour! Perfect for pms cramps, sport injuries, great for lower back aches and pains and of course keeping warm during the winter. Cuddle up with this pack that is conveniently rectangle shape to covers your abdomen.

Can also be used as a cooling compress pack, just put them in a plastic bag in the freezer for 1 hour or longer, and you have a convenient, comfortable cold pack.

What are the benefits of using Cherry Pits? πŸ’

Cherry pits are very durable, retain their temperature for longer periods of time than other materials such as rice or corn, and are not subject to rancidity or pests.

Hippy Period Undies $7

Let's face it, we've all ruined a perfectly cute pair of undies during our cycle. We've all felt that dreadful moment when you know it's too late. So here, introducing the Underwear inspired by your period. πŸ‘™

These #HippyPeriod undies are tie-dyed with dark colours in and around the pantyliner area for those not so cute moments. If leakage every got ahold of these hip huggers, it'll only add to the wave of colours!

Eco-friendly Make-up Remover Pads (pack of 8) $12

Go green with these 100% double-sided organic cotton face scrubbies. Super soft on the skin, yet strong enough to exfoliate your pores. Each order comes with 8 scrubbies.  No more buying cotton pads just to throw them away. Use with your favourite cleanser or face scrub and throw them in the wash when dirty. Just place two or three fingers between the pad and the straps and you're ready to go. Embrace Your Naked face!

*Custom colours are available upon request!

Mugs $15

Coasters (set of 4) $19