about me

Hi, I’m Serenity Hart!


As a Nude Model I am constantly asked about where my confidence comes from, who it’s inspired by and of course why I do it.  I still stumble when I answer because I know that not everyone shares my views or appreciation for my work. But everyone can relate to not feeling beautiful or worthy of love at some point in their life.  My reflection was something that I feared looking at most days during my childhood. When I started modeling 10 years ago something in me changed. I started to feel beautiful. My confidence was gained and my voice was found.  I stopped letting others project onto me what was socially normal and beautiful. I started to make my own rules.

Today I teach women and girls through my private coaching and signature, Launching “Your Next Big Thing” Project to help them find their voices and share their magic.  Get what they really want out of life by learning to love themselves wholly. To be unapologetically you is a challenge in today's world and navigating in it alone is even harder!  I guide women with the necessary tools to become their truest selves and make their dreams a reality. Loving yourself is the first step towards every kind of freedom! Together, we start from the inside out!

Embrace Your Body Back is a platform for women who are ready to really get shit done.  If you’ve been waiting for the right moment or time in your life, or you don’t know where to start, or don’t think your goal is “realistic”, I’m here to tell you that those are all stories you’ve told yourself and they are hurting you.  There will never be a right time to chase after your dreams, only a lot of time wasted not getting started. My tribe is all about less waiting and more doing. More accountability, more vulnerability, more you.